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Regardless of when you are reading this, today is a day for you to receive your miracle. Right there where you are, God is getting ready to deliver you from that sickness or situation that has been a hindrance to you. Show / Hide complete post

Regardless of when you are reading this, today is a day for you to receive your miracle. Right there where you are, God is getting ready to deliver you from that sickness or situation that has been a hindrance to you. Now, you just need to grab it. Learn these steps to receiving your miracle and receive yours today!

  1. Understand that religion is unable to produce anything.

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

2 Timothy 3:5

Humanity is in such need for God and miracles and religion does not have the power to supply those needs. Religion is just a form. It has the appearance of power, but does not possess any power and, therefore, cannot change anything. It is unable to deliver, give hope or provide people with a personal experience with God. It cannot satisfy the need of those who are hopeless, sad and empty inside. The church has been so conformed to religion that it doesn’t carry the power of God. You know if you are religious when sickness comes to your body and you feel helpless and hopeless to do anything about it. Do not put your trust in your religion; it’s just a form of godliness—with its nice building, mass choir, elegant robes and songs that sing about heaven—but the people are demon-possessed, depressed and oppressed. You know when you have entered into a religious church because people leave the same way they entered; there is no power. Now, if religion is not the answer, to where should the world turn? Jesus is the only way, but He cannot do anything on earth unless it is through a person. God has given us the power to make changes and produce miracles through Jesus Christ who lives in us.

Religion is our attempt to gain access to the presence of God in our own strength and abilities. It is trying to be a good and holy person, trying to receive your healing or trying to earn the favor of God in our own ability. We need to realize that we cannot do any of those things on our own. It is precisely for this reason that God gives us grace—to to do what we cannot do in our own strength. Religious people consider Christians who heal the sick and cast out demons as blasphemous. They have an opinion about miracles and they talk about all that signs, wonders and miracles that Jesus did but they have never seen it done and cannot do it themselves. Religion is unable to restore marriages, heal the sick or save the lost because it negates the grace of God. If you have been running to your own strength to overcome the devil and those obstacles that are in your life, now is the time to repent. Our trust and refuge is in Jesus’ ability to give us victory, not in ourselves. When you have Jesus, you have the grace of God and nothing will be impossible for you.

1. Recognize that Jesus is alive and has risen from the dead.

Your miracle starts when you have the revelation and understand that Jesus defeated death. He is not dead; He is alive! It may seem trivial, but we cannot underestimate the power of this truth. Jesus is alive and, therefore, we do not have a religion. When we worship Jesus Christ, we worship One who is alive! We do not serve a dead god. It is through His life that we have access to the presence of God and can receive our miracles! Jesus died according to the scriptures but Jesus was raised from the dead according to the scriptures.

For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.

1 Corinthians 15:3

If you need a miracle and are sick in your body, worship the living God!

2. Believe that if Jesus did it, you can do it.

When we see another person doing what Jesus did on the earth, you can confidently say, “If that person can do it, I can do it.” Similarly, if you see someone else has received their healing, you can confidently believe that God can heal you too. If you do not understand how God will heal you, it is okay; because to receive your miracle, you need to let go of your reasoning. If you see someone flowing in miracles like Jesus did, you can do it too; and you can receive your miracle if you would just step out on the water, believe you can receive it, and frame it.

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Hebrews 11:3

Miracles will not stay in a place until you frame them. To “frame” means to declare it, decree it, and speak it. If you don’t declare it when the power of God is present, the miracle will not remain in your body unless you declare it. Miracles happen in one of three ways:

  • When the glory of God comes, God Himself performs miracles without the laying on of hands, without prayer and even when it is not being sought after. It is only under the glory that miracles take place on their own.
    Example: A man who suffered polio for many years was affected by the condition so much so that it ate away at the flesh, tissue and muscle in one of his thighs. During a service, he ran up to the altar and testified to the Apostle and the congregation that, while he was in the back of the service, he felt a heat running through his leg and—without praying for it or asking God for it—the the flesh began to grow in his legs. His muscles, tissue and flesh were recreated in that service under the glory of God. God performed that miracle without any man’s intervention.
  • The other way to receive a miracle is through someone who has the gift of miracles. Not everyone in the body has the gift but that does not mean God cannot heal through them; it just means that they have to work for the miracles.
  • The third way to pray for and receive miracles is by working them through principles. Pastor Benny Hinn does not have a natural voice for singing, but though he is not a singer, he worked a principle. Not having the gift of miracles is not an excuse to not move in miracles because there are principles that can be practiced for the working of miracles. You need to work your faith by speaking it, declaring it and looking for your healing. When you go to a place where you do not feel the power of God in the atmosphere, you need to apply principles that would create the atmosphere of the power of God—by worshipping, praising, creating an expectation of miracles. Practice it in your home and everywhere where the presence of God is not activated.
    Example: John and Peter passed by a cripple on the way to a temple. Peter told him to get up and walk, and took him by the hand. In other words, he was working the miracle by telling him to do something he could not do before.

Testimonies of Miracles and Healing

  • A man was a kick boxer for seven years. His career ended when a hit to the knee tore three ligaments and could no longer hold his kneecap in place. He did not have the money for the surgery and, every night, he iced his knee and ran to alcohol. After a year and a half, he started asking to God to reveal Himself if He was really real. He started a new job where he received Christ through his now wife. After being recently married two years later, he went up to the altar to receive deliverance from the fear of losing his wife and in the midst of praising God and praying for deliverance, he fell under the presence of God and was completely healed. Without anyone laying hands, without him seeking his miracle, all of the ligaments were taut and made new. He was healed by the glory of God.
  • A woman was scheduled to have surgery Feb. 28th for her knees but today, as she was walking toward the altar, the glory of God touched her and completely healed her knee. All the pain that she had experienced was gone and she could now move it in ways she could not before. Today, this woman was completely healed by the glory of God.
  • A young woman had an abnormal menstrual cycle due to a problem in her cysts which was passed on from generation to generation in her family. She was told that all kinds of tests needed to be performed on her and was recommended to freeze her ovaries, but she refused to receive the doctor’s diagnosis. She came to a service, received her healing and is now completely free from that generational curse.
  • A young woman had a spine injury that caused one leg longer. She believed in the miracles but last year she decided to go up to the altar to receive her miracle. On the altar, they prayed for her and God stretched out her leg. Now, her back is completely aligned, she has no pain whatsoever and she is able to walk completely upright.
  • A woman with Hepatitis C was prayed for by her mentor in a House of Peace. Two days after the H.O.P., she went back to the doctor’s office to run some tests and believing that God had completely healed her. When the doctor called with the results, they said they found no trace of this incurable disease in her body and they required her to get retested. She was so excited and retook the test believing that this was just evidence of her miracle. They still found no traces of Hepatitis C! Now, she has documents showing that she is completely healed. In addition to her documentation, two of the doctors in the church testified that, as of right now, there is no cure for hepatitis C.
  • A girl went to House of Peace with a cast on her leg and, as the H.O.P. leader prayed for another person in the group, her leg started shaking uncontrollably. She perceived that she was healed and removed the cast. She saw that she, in fact, was completely healed. The doctor still wanted to perform surgery on the leg, but he told her there was nothing that needed to be done because she was completely healed.
  • During a woman’s pregnancy, her unborn child was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome (to which the doctors also testified has no cure). Her doctors kept offering her with the choice to not have the baby so as to not be burdened by having to care for a sick child. Meanwhile, the woman kept receiving words that her pregnancy would take her to a different level of faith. She refused to receive the diagnosis and held strongly to the word that God would glorify Himself through her child. Now, the baby is a few months old, completely healed and has no traces of Down’s syndrome in her body whatsoever.

Right now, if you are sick in your body, God wants to heal you. Revelation 12:11 says, “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” You have read of many people’s testimonies of healing and, if God could do it for them, He could do it for you. Right now, receive the impartation of healing! Pray that all spirits of sickness, disease and death must leave your body NOW, in Jesus’ name. Receive it! Be healed now! Command that condition to leave your body now. Decree it; frame it! Heart conditions must be healed now! Arthritis, bone conditions, diabetes, cancer, MS, acid reflex and all blood conditions must go now! Cysts and tumors must disappear now! Where there are no teeth, ears, breasts, eyes, organs, or bones, command them to grow now!

Now, thank God for the healing power of Jesus Christ and do what you cannot do before. Do not look for your sickness, look for your miracle. Work your miracle!

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