Dr. Renny McLean: The Supernatural Power of God


At the last Supernatural Fivefold Ministry School, I invited Dr. Renny McLean
* He taught about the movement of God and how you can Identify it in your life.
* He taught about what we should do to prepare our mind for Him to manifest in our life.
* He taught that God is Supernatural God and us as His children can do Supernatural things.
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In order to understand and operate in the power of God, we must first understand that the supernatural must to be perceived. When God is perceived, He does not speak. For this reason, there are things that you know, that have not been heard or seen and cannot explain how you know but you just that you know.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. -Genesis 1:1-2

The Father is the origin. The Son is the revelation. The Holy Spirit is the administrator. In any move of God, you will see all of these three characteristics: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God is a self-existent one; He depends on nothing and no one. Knowing God is one thing, it is a noun, a person. What the church does not have is a verb. They need a revelation of the movement of God or what God is moving in. Without the manifestation of God you will sees God as just a noun.

The Movement of God

The supernatural has a rhythm and a pattern. Things do not just happen; churches today believe that things just happen, this is false. When you are operating under the supernatural you must know what is going on in the spirit. If you are not part of the fasting and praying in the church as a congregation then you have no sense of what to expect. Things do not just happen! When things do not just happen there is a reason, sometimes the atmosphere is not conducive or the people are not ready.

When Jesus went to Nazareth, the Bible says that He could not perform. It does not say He “would not” but “could not.” Two things we must hear, a prophet is without honor, there must be a revelation of honor and He healed a few sick people. Sick has different meanings in its original language, one of the meanings for the word sick is “comatose.” In other words, He could only heal those whose mind and reasoning were not in the way. When your mind is out of the way it is easy for God to sync and connect to you because there is no activity in your mind that is against what God can do.

Understanding now, if you were not part of creating the atmosphere then you do not have revelation of the purpose and do not what the movement is. No matter how you try, but it is very difficult to define the word God without seeing the word supernatural. There is the supernatural and when you do not have it, you are going to have Genesis 1. What does this mean? When you do not have the supernatural like it was in the beginning, you are going to have chaos and confusion. You are going to find other means to do something that requires the supernatural.

Today, the church is teaching options and because people have different options, there is no supernatural more spiritual, instead it is artificial. Nowadays, we are doing things without God so, when the real thing is manifested you say it is not God because you have been deceived and manipulated. You call nothing; something and you call something, nothing.

In the beginning God establishes Himself and reveals Himself as being supernatural. The supernatural has timing. When the supernatural is absent, you will seek out other options.

The Glory of God Versus the Power of God

The glory of God is the ultimate expression of God himself; glory is the reign of the King. The glory of God is different from the power of God because the power of God is not the presence of God. It is possible to know the power of God and but not the presence of God.

The bible says all have sinned and have come short, not of the power of God but the glory of God. For this reason, we need revelation towards the original focus of god. The original focus was not the faith or the power of God; it was the glory of God! When the power of God shows up, it shows up to fix something because something is out of order but when the glory shows up it is a whole different story. There must be a distinction between the glory and the power of God.

In the beginning, God established two worlds: the natural world and the spirit world. What is the difference the natural world and the spirit world, what is natural and normal?

Your normal is based on upon your cultural, background, environment and education. If you were born into riches and that is all you have ever known, that is normal to you. But to someone who was born poor who has to scrimp to get by, that is their normal. In the church now, we must define what is normal. To certain people, sickness is normal and they see nothing wrong with it. Why? Because their mother, father or grandparents had lived with that sickness, it became their normal. Today, we must redefine normal.

What is the Supernatural?

The supernatural is the natural in a state of being super, in a state of acceleration. In the natural, there is time but in the supernatural there is no time, no beginning, no limits and no end. When you put something in the natural its conformed and reduced. Some of us have put our faith in a place where it has been reduced to nothing.

The difference between the glory and power of God is that in the glory of God you do not work. Why? Because there is nothing left to do. The supernatural is based on synchronization. Synchronization means keeping time, which requires coordination. There are times where it is easy to get in the way of what God has already done because we try to redo a finished work, try to demonstrate something but if you are synchronized with God there is nothing to do.

When God made man; the original language of the Word says: like God, did God make man. Adam had a completely different understanding and concept of what was natural. It was not natural for Adam to be poor, to be sick or to die; he had a different norm. God had to make someone like Himself because it takes God to know God. What was normal for Adam was everything supernatural and accelerated.

God is speaking

In the book of Acts it says: and while Peter spoke, the Holy Ghost fell; this is if you are saying what God is saying. When god does not show up and manifest, it’s because that is not what God is saying. In our service, we praise God, not until you feel good but to change atmosphere the atmosphere, it becomes conducive. The worship is lifted and conducive for the King to come. Worship causes you to synchronize with God, when you are synchronized with God, you do not have your own agenda.

The Power of God

When you look at the power of God in the Bible, it is always through a man. If you are going to carry the fire of God, you must be in constant sacrifice. The moment a person experiences the presence of God, his or her walk was changed. When Moses took off his sandals, it represented where he had been and seen. Some of us need to take off our shoes, your shoes are not you; take of what God did not make you. You are busy trying to wear what is not yours instead of finding your own walk. What works for me will not work for you because it is a different call!

From today on, there is a change in the atmosphere, in your walk and in your thinking. You will no longer continue walking in someone else’s shoes, you will walk


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